Grant Information


Annual Grant Calendar

June 30 Denial/Finalist notices sent out

Grant finalists will be notified and sent a grant application via email by June 30. The email will contain instructions and deadlines.

Funding Guidelines

The Nevada Women’s Fund welcomes applications to fund projects that impact social change in the following priority areas for northern Nevada:

  • Physical and mental health of northern Nevada’s women and families
  • Preventative programs: Programs that empower women and families prior to a crisis
  • Issues relative to the aging of northern Nevada’s seniors
  • Prevention of violence for northern Nevada’s women and families

The Nevada Women’s Fund provides funding for ongoing programs and/or new projects as well as start-up funding for new organizations in northern Nevada. NWF does not consider grants exclusively for operating expenses or exclusively for salaries. In making allocation decisions, NWF places a priority on funding projects that demonstrate successful and efficient collaborations. The NWF does not consider projects that are duplicative with other community projects.

Grant awards are distributed in larger amounts to fewer non-profits. Once an organization has been approved for a grant, they are exempt from applying for additional funding for one year.

NWF Will Not Fund

  • Capital campaigns
  • Religious activities
  • Political campaigns and activities
  • Retroactive funding
  • Fundraising events
  • Reduction of an operating deficit or to liquidate debt
  • Government agencies
  • Organizations outside the northern Nevada community

Program Evaluation

NWF reserves the right to request a program evaluation with the evaluation being due 45 days from date of request.  When we make this request, be prepared to present the following: 

  • Strategies and activities for program implementation
  • Impact on community and constituents
  • Opportunities and challenges associated with efforts toward collaboration with other community organizations.

Dates to Remember

Grant awards will be announced by September 1st

Email questions to